Highlighting – Makeup Tips and Tricks.

Highlighting …. Ever wondered what highlighting was or where to put it?

In this video I will explain the types of highlighting products available, where to place them on any skin-type, face shape and age and my secret money saving tips and tricks.

In makeup there generally are no “rules” or rules that can be broken. More importantly, somethings look better when applied the right way and in the right place. Certain things can look better on younger skin then they do on more mature skin and vice versa. For instance, younger ladies tend to have more oily, shiny or glowing skin so they tend to like a more matte finish to their foundation. Whereas mature women like to have the glowing youthful skin and often matte foundations can age a person and enhance wrinkles.
The opposite can be said for applying eye shadow formulations. Glitter and shimmer can look great on younger eyes but age older eyes however a touch of shimmer in the right place can look amazing on any age eyes.

Confused yet??

Placing highlight, bronze or contour can enhance or age a person. The key is for it to be strategically and subtly placed.
For younger skin, they can experiment and go crazy with highlight and get away with it. It’s a personal preference and a lot of “youtubers” will put it from the forehead to the chin and everything in between! A stripe down the nose or a highlighted nose tip seems to be a favourite at the moment. As we age we tend to want to be ourselves and not follow “trends”.

Highlight looks best, at any age, I think, when it is applied at the top of the cheekbones and should look like a shimmer or glow as it catches the light. Honestly you could stop there and it would be enough.
Another nice place to highlight is by the tear duct around the inner corner of the eye, under the arch of the eyebrow to the tail and on the cupids bow on the lips.
Too much highlight can showcase wrinkle at any age so it’s best to use the “less is more” approach when applying.

The video will show exactly what I mean.
All your highlighting questions answered.

The products I use are from my personal collection and from my makeup kit as a working makeup artist.
They are products that I like, know and trust.
This is an informative based video only and I am not receiving any monetary gain.
I do receive pro discounts on some products as a professional working makeup artist.

Always check the ingredients list before applying or patch test.

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