Professional Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are synthetic, silk or mink individual lash hairs that are applied to one natural eyelash hair that enhances the length, thickness and fullness of the natural lash.

What are Classic Lashes? Emphaseyes uses premium quality Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions in various widths and lengths based on your natural eye-shape, quality of your natural lashes and desired result.

What are Volume Lashes? Emphaseyes uses super fine and soft 0.07 mm thickness premium Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions or smaller to create a full look without weighing down the natural lash. Various size handmade fans are created and customised design techniques are incorporated similar to classic lash styling.

1D = 1 Eyelash Extension per natural lash extended. (Using thicker 0.10 mm – 0.18 mm Faux Mink Lash) 4D = 4 Eyelash Extensions handmade fan per natural lash extended. (Using 0.003 – 0.07 mm lightweight Faux Mink Lashes). One 4D Volume handmade fan weighs the same as one classic 0.15 Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions but is much softer and fuller.

This technique is applied by your fully trained and certified professional eyelash design artist.

Mandy has undergone extensive training at Brisbane Lashes with Joy Crossingham (Internationally Awarded Master Lash Stylist & Trainer). Mandy has increased her range of technical experience through additional lash training with Frankie Widdows, (Master Lash Artist, International Trainer, Lash Judge, Guest Speaker, Lash Technician).

Member of WALAD ( World Association of Lash Artistry and Development).



Our service price list is based on Lash Per Eye (LPE).

Classic Full Sets

70 LPE $149 Medium “OMG are they real?”…Most popular set.

90 LPE $169 Thick and luscious. “Glamorous” set.

Classic Refills

Recommended every 3 weeks to maintain desired look. (Must have 50% extensions left)

45 Minute Refill $65

60 Minute Refill $90

0.07 Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Light Volume

3D Volume Lashes $239. 3 lightweight extensions per lash. (Natural sexy set)

Medium Fullness

4D Volume Lashes $259. 4 lightweight extensions per lash. (Most popular set)

Very Full and Dense

5D Volume Lashes $269. 5 lightweight extensions per lash

Volume Refills (Must have 50% of extensions left)

45 Minute Refill $90

60 Minute Refill $110

Mixed Russian Volume & Classic 

1D & 4D Mixed Eyelash Extension set $199

Mixed Refill

45 Minute Refill $75

60 Minute Refill $99

*WARNING* Lashes can be addictive! You will love them THAT much.

Description to be used as a guide only – end results depend on the condition of your natural lashes.


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