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Collagen Lip Mask Review

No wonder my lash ladies fall asleep, this collagen lip mask really is relaxing! Why not add on the under eye treatment pads to… So far it feels really nice! Will add my thoughts after….

We all know how well the eye-pads work but the lip mask was the point of the review. Lips are definitely plumped up!!. It’s no Botox, but the fine lines around my lips have decreased and the outer corner smile lines are less defined. They look healthier for sure and I’d even go as far as saying, “younger looking”. Not sure how long it will last but I will keep you posted. I will be purchasing more of these to add to the Eyelash Extension experience.

Lip mask and eye-pads were on for about an hour. No reactions or discomfort at all. Just a weird gel like cooling sensation like the eye-pads while they were on. Once removed they felt normal, not jelly like at all, it’s like the lips absorbed all the gooey goodness and left them feeling normal. Not even tacky. I do feel like they need a bit of lip balm now. Overall, glad I did it, will do it again and I’m sure everyone will love them. Great for the price to!!