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Eyelash Extensions retention

Why don’t my eyelash extensions last between infills? Eyelash Extension Retention issues.

Unfortunately there are many reasons why we have eyelash extension retention issues. But first what is Retention? The dictionary classifies retention as “the action of absorbing and continuing to hold a substance”. This means the ability for the Eyelash Extension to hold onto the natural lash. Ideally the extension should[…]

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Cleaning eyelash extensions.

How to clean eyelash extensions.

Why should I clean my eyelash extensions? Eyelash Extensions cleaning is very important because the eye area is sensitive and must be kept clean to maintain the health of the eye and eyelashes.  It’s important to have a good hygiene habit to prevent harm or damage to the eye area and it’s also vital to know how to[…]

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Collagen Lip Mask Review

No wonder my lash ladies fall asleep, this collagen lip mask really is relaxing! Why not add on the under eye treatment pads to… So far it feels really nice! Will add my thoughts after…. We all know how well the eye-pads work but the lip mask was the point of the[…]

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We Now Stock And Sell Grande Cosmetics

We are now proud stockists of a few select items from the Grande Cosmetics range. The Grande Cosmetics Vision It’s never too late to experience the full extent of your natural beauty. Grande Cosmetics uses clinically proven formulas and natural ingredients to create peptide-infused, care-free application cosmetics with instantly beautiful[…]

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